Friday, July 18, 2008

First things first: a few introductions

We decided to join the ranks of all the bloggers out there in internet land. This is a family project and will therefore contain input from every member of our family. I hope that you enjoy it and will laugh with us as we embark on this fun way to better keep in touch with all of you that we love.

Big Daddy:
You are looking at the Championship team from the 1st annual Moscow Lions Club Charity Golf Tournament. I was the chairman for putting this tournament together. It was a lot of work and effort but everyone seemed to have a really good time and it was worth all of the time and effort. I'm just trying to figure out how our team ended up winning. I guess it's true--even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally.
Mama Mia: I love summertime here. The weather is PERFECT! The scenery is beautiful. I'm not deluged with paperwork from school every day. I get to leave the windows open and send the kids outside all day long. Ahhh what Bliss! I am actually really excited about this blog. I have a feeling that I will be a lot better blogger than I am journal writer. Even if no one else except myself looks at this it will probably be worthwhile. I do however hope that others will enjoy it too. The kids are growing up so fast and I am not all that good at keeping you all up to date on their progress in life. I hope that this helps. I also know that because we have chosen to live far away from most of our family and friends you don't have as much chance to get to know the kids as well as we would like. They are bold and fun and full of life and I really hope that this will help you to feel like you are getting to know them a little bit better. So... Here goes! We hope you have fun keeping tabs on our little family blog. --J

(In their own words)

KB: (K-Bear)

Hello! one of my favorite things to do is go to the pool because at our pool we have cool water slides and we have cool things to do there like the lazy river, two pools one deep one shallow,deep end of the shallow pool, diving board. I just learned how to do front flips and back flips in the water. I like going down the slides especially when I go down with a friend. Hopefully daddy will come home early from work today and we can all go to the pool together.

AB: (Addy-Belle)
I love my boat. I love riding on it because it goes very fast. We've been to lake Couer D'Alene and to McCall and to Boyer Park. My favorite was down by McCall--Lake Cascade because I had fun with a new friend, Kamryn and we got to play at a little beach and because we didn't have to make our own food. We could just go to a tent and eat. And I had fun because we got our own little cabin and a hot tub. I love riding on the tube with my mom. I'm not scared on the tube anymore. My favorite thing on the tube is to go over the wake.

DB: (Drew-Bone)

"Hey that's me, mom--that's me"

"I want Gampa and Manda and Dan to go to there with me"

"I was going down the dot (dock) and I had my swimmy shoes on. I was swimming and splashing in there. I caught two fish--uhhh pogo fish" (whatever those are???)