Thursday, March 25, 2010

KC 6 Months...and counting

This baby boy is getting so big--so fast! No Fair! Slow down! Take your time! Already, to celebrate his 6 months of life he has begun to sit up all by himself, hold a bottle all by himself, roll over front to back and back to front sometimes. He has 2 baby teeth on the bottom which he has had since about 4 months--way earlier than the other kids. He still smiles easily and loves to be tickled and nuzzled. He doesn't always sleep the night but usually he only wakes up once during the night. I guess it's about time to take steps to "help" him sleep the night but I'm not looking forward to that.
He has started eating solids and isn't quite sure whether he likes them or not. I typically ease pretty slowly into the food thing. He has been healthy and happy up until this Feb. when he got a real doozy of a cough/cold/bronchitis type thing. He seemed to respond to abx well and got a lot better but is now relapsing into a similar thing. Sad. He tends to get those nasty coughing spasms like I do. I can't seem to find just the right remedy and so we both suffer for what seems like forever. It is never quite fair when both mom and baby get sick at the same time. One or the other is manageable but when we are both sick, life seems somewhat miserable. Then again, when you look at such a cute little face with such kissable, adorable cheeks and such wide, all-knowing eyes and such a cute, button nose, you tend to forget all about anything except extra-sloppy smooches and pudgey, little fingers grasping yours.