Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who's afraid of the big, bad "loaf"?

I have always been somewhat afraid of baking bread. It's the fear of failure that puts me in my place. For some reason the baking of homemade bread just seems to be the quintessential characteristic of a "successful" mormon mom. "What? You don't know how to bake bread? Hmm, So much for your final reward in heaven--get to the back of the line!" For 17 long years I have avoided it almost like the plague. I have assigned out the rolls to others at dinner parties. I have guilted my friends into every once in a while delivering a fresh homemade loaf. I wouldn't even put it past myself to have fulfilled a three-year calling so that at the end someone would deliver that homemade thank-you gift for a job well done.
Well, I say to you now.................No more Scaredy Cat!

The past several months I have made it a personal vendetta to banish my "wholesome fears". I do not want to break out into a cold sweat whenever the signup sheet for baking the bread or rolls for the institute is passed. No bread in the cupboards----no problem. I would love to be able to just whip up some bread for sandwiches and toast the next day. Not only that, I am hoping my children will be able to make it into heaven too so I guess I need to set the good example for them.

Feast your eyes on these babies!

How cool is that? I even feel confident enough to occasionally included the girls in my adventures with bread.

Go ahead tell me--------You go girl!

maybe next year I'll tackle something like world peace.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three Keys to Happy Marriages

It's Wordful Wednesday and I'm excited to participate this week. You can click HERE to check out other Really great posts all centered on the three most important things to your marriage.

I came across this quote not so long ago that spoke volumes to me. Val R. Christensen said, “Close observation leads me to believe that the growth of individuals after marriage is largely dependent upon the positive and negative attitude of their partner. Indeed, what you think of your wife or husband can determine to a great degree what she or he becomes. Your partner can become a slave and a grouch, or a productive and charming person. You both progress according to the way you treat each other.” I have tested this theory within my own marriage and I hold it to be a true principle. It only works however, when you are looking for and emphasizing the sincerely wonderful things that you love about your spouse---not when you are trying to CHANGE them, not when you are trying to get them to do something different. The world tells us that your attitude should be, “I will love you once you have changed into what I want you to be”. God’s way says, “I love you for who you are now and for what I know you can become.” What a difference.
I find that for me there are three key factors that help me to foster a successful, happy marriage. The first key is TRUST. I could not be happy in a marriage without fully trusting my husband. I trust that he will keep his sacred covenants to me. I trust that he will provide for our family. I trust that he will honor his priesthood covenants to Heavenly Father. I also trust him to never hurt me deliberately. It goes without saying then that I too, must be trustworthy. I must hold the trust that he places in me as most sacred and not to be squandered. Christie H. Frandsen said, “Trust is as central to a happy marriage as faith is to a testimony. If trust is strong and secure, the marriage can grow and flourish despite difficulties and crises. But if trust is weak or erratic, then the marriage will crumble under the pressures of daily life.”

The second principle that is of key importance for me is SELFISHNESS/SelfLESSness. I have never known a marriage to last, or to be happy, when selfishness is one of the main ingredients. I remember that when my husband and I were first married we were living in Little Rock, AR and it was pretty hot and humid during the summer. My husband had grown up sleeping with a fan blowing on him. I did not like the feel of a fan blowing on me and I was very stubborn about it. I cannot tell you how many fights we got into simply because I only cared about myself. I only cared that I was comfortable. If only I could have thought for one second how he felt and sacrificed my own slight discomfort, I could have saved our marriage literally hours and hours of anguish. Gordon B. Hinkley stated once, “Selfishness so often is the basis of money problems, which are a very serious and real factor affecting the stability of family life. Selfishness is at the root of adultery, the breaking of solemn and sacred covenants to satisfy selfish lust. Selfishness is the antithesis of love. It is a cankering expression of greed. It destroys self-discipline. It obliterates loyalty. It tears up sacred covenants. It afflicts both men and women” I admit, I have grown much in respect to this, mostly by the example of my good husband. As I have learned to hold my tongue, control my temper and look at situations from my husbands perspective I know that a lot of the pitfalls listed by Gordon B. Hinkley have been avoided. Many arguments and hard feelings have been avoided and avenues have been opened up for real “heart-to-heart” moments to occur.

The third key to a happy marriage for me has been keeping an ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE. Fostering an eternal perspective helps me to prioritize all of the demands on my time, money, talents and energy. I know that something that is going to be important after this life should take precedence over something that is not going to be relevant later on. It also helps keep me grounded as to the things that REALLY ARE important. My mom gave me a little book many years ago that I have always loved called, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and it’s all Small Stuff.” In effect, it says, don’t worry about the little things that don’t really matter. Richard Carlson writes, “Often we allow ourselves to get all worked up about things that, upon closer examination, aren’t really that big a deal. We focus on problems and concerns and blow them way out of proportion.” I have tried to incorporate that philosophy into my relationships at home. I’ve still got a long way to go in that regard but I know that the better I get at it, the happier I, and my marriage will be.

I love being married. My husband is absolutely my very best friend. I can honestly say that I love him WAY more today than I did 17 years ago. I hold fast to the promise by Spencer W. Kimball that, “marriage can be more an exultant ecstasy than the human mind can conceive.”

Friday, January 22, 2010

Annual Interviews

I want to remember all of the good times, hopes, dreams, likes, dislikes and goals of my family. One of the ways that I do that is by doing an annual interview. This is the 2nd year to do this. You can see last years answers HERE. I hope that by the time they all leave the nest, we will look back and be able to measure the growth, laugh at the quirks and will have accomplished some of the goals that were listed here.
Cereal (breakfast)----"Cimmanom" Toast Crunch or the real "cimmanom" toast are his very favs right now
Vegetable----potatoes (are potatoes even considered a vegetable?)
Drink------Hot chocolate (great minds think alike)
Toy-----Swords (did you know that you can make some pretty killer swords out of just about anything ie. butter knives, chopsticks, legos, tree branches and my personal favorite--fire pokers)
TV show--------Tom and Jerry (I love DVR)
Game--------Zingo (although I have to add he has also been playing a lot of Go Fish and Crazy 8's lately)
Book-------all of the Richard Scarry books (This is a little bit nostalgic for me since I remember loving to read these too as a kid about his age.)
Resaurant-------Chucky Cheeses (Thanks Dan and Amanda--it still made the top of the list even after all this time.)
Holiday---"my birthday" because I get presents and I give people notes to say "thank you" (It does a mom's heart good to hear him add the thank-you note thing. Wouldn't it be great if he really means it!)
Christmas Tradition-----Making other people presents
Animal----Lions and Tigers because they ROAR so loud and I love monsters. (and oh how those monsters can roar!)
Movie----Star Wars (yes indeedy, my boy loves Star Wars although Goonies came in a close second.)
Clothes----My yellow spiderman shirt (that is hole-y and worn to a frazzle but never makes it back into the drawer because it just gets pulled right out of the dirty clothes pile.

If you could change your name, what would you choose? Luke or Spiderman

Where would you like to go on vacation this year? To see uncle Chris and aunt Lisa and go to Florida and tease and giggle, laugh and have fun.

What are some of your wishes for this year? To get money and to buy new lightsabers and to share them.

What do you love about each person in our family?
Dad: He got me a fishing pole and he takes me hunting and fishing
Mom: you let me watch Tom and Jerry and play computer and you play with me.
K: She shares her candy and she lets me sit by the heater during scriptures and I go to her room when I get scared at night.
A: She shares with me and she makes presents for me. She plays with me and pretends stories
KC: He spits up all over and that makes me laugh so much.
Maya: She runs with me to get more exercise

I asked Drew what his Goals were for this next year and he told me--he wanted to learn how to drive a boat and a submarine and a tractor. (good luck with those babe)


Cereal--- Cookie Crisp

Vegetable---Carrots-cause you can cook them in just about anything. (She also discovered that she likes grilled onions--especially grilled onions, zuchini and carrots)

Drink---Fruit Punch

Toy---My baby brother Kyle. (This is true. I have to keep reminding her that he is a real boy--not a doll. She definitely makes the BEST babysitter though. I can't wait till she is old enough to watch him all alone.)

TV show---She likes "Fineas and Pherb" because "They are active and do a lot of STUFF"

Game---Whoonu (That is one of our family favorites--we like learning what everybody's "favorites" really are.)

Book---Junie B. Jones books or Amelia Bedelia (She has improved her reading this year so much. We are so happy for her)

Restaurant--- Micky D's

Holiday---Christmas because it's a time of sharing and giving (and the presents aren't bad either)Christmas Tradition----I like making gifts because it's more special than just buying them at the store.

Animal----Horse (I think they like to play "horses" at recess)

Movie----Little House on the Prairie (We've got a DVD collection that she likes to watch.)

Clothes----Jeans with the flower embellishment or the ones with the butterfly embellishments with her old navy V-neck t-shirts. She also loves her SUPER soft new bathrobe.

f you could change your name, what would you choose? Katherine

Where would you like to go on vacation this year? Disneyworld/Disneyland and Paris, France because theres lots of lights and good restaurants (this coming from the girl who's fav. restaurant was McDonalds) and I want to see that really tall building.

What are some of your wishes for this year? I wish to not have any cavities and to not have ants in my pants and to learn more about the scriptures so I'll be ready to be baptized. (hmm, I wonder who she is trying to impress. I just hope she is at least partly serious.) She also wants a good haircut an American doll named Addy and to learn how to ice skate.

What do you love about each person in our family?

Dad: He's always playing and joking and he like to know stuff about us. He likes me.

Mom: Awesome at cooking and I love the way you take care of Kyle and your smile. (I guess I'll have to smile more often then aye)

K: She's confident and brave and she always asks good questions

Drew: He asks me questions and he loves to play-act with me and he's always happy

KC: I love his smile and his little baby sounds

My Goals for this year include: To get better at reading, ice skating and to get baptized

Kaylee Favorites

Cereal---Trix or Cookie Crisp

Vegetables---Carrots, zuchini and onions all fried in butter (I swear, anything tastes good if you fry it in enough butter)

Drink---Root Beer Float

Toy---The Wii

TV show---"Fineas and Pherb or Wizards of Waverly Place (Do you see the transition from cartoon to "real-life" shows----boo hoo)

Game---Clue (I have to admit she IS a little OBSESSED with this game right now)

Book----Her current fav. is the Boxcar Children #3

Restaurant-----Chucky Cheeses (I know, We should really get out more often.)

Holiday---Christmas, because there is more time to spend with family

Christmas Tradition---Eating Blueberry muffins and eggs-n-bacon for breakfast (This tradition dates back to her great grandparents on Jeffs side)


Movie---She likes "The Goonies" because, "it's funny and it's adventurous and you're on the edge of your seat. It's like popcorn popping in a bowl."

Clothes----She loves her new sparkly jeans and polka-dot fleece sweatshirt (Fleece sweatshirts are an absolute MUST-HAVE for this girl)

If you could change your name, what would you choose? Tracy or Jamie

Where would you like to go on vacation this year? London, England so that I can see the wax museum or Ireland because some of my ancestors are from there and also to find out why the Irish are "lucky."

What are some of your wishes for this year? To make more friends and have more girls move into the 4th grade and to move to a new house.

What do you love about each person in our family?

Dad: Daddy is always laughing and trys to make us happy--he never talks about himself and he always wants to do things for us and do what we ask for.

Mom: You want to do what we want and you don't ignore us very often. (hmmm, Is there hidden meaning behind that comment?)

A: She's always there for me and trys to think of what I need or want. She trys to help me.

D: He's so cute and funny. He says the funniest things and is so happy and energetic--he could feed an army with his energy.

KC: I love his Laugh and the way he smiles--it's like he's talking to you.

Kaylee's goals include doing a good deed every day and to not watch as much TV and to study more and get stuff done earlier.


Toy--Rattles to chew on
TV--Highlander (mom records it to watch in the middle of the night when I wake up looking for a snack)
Book--Anything (as long as I get to drink milk while I'm listening)
Restaurant--the Twin Peaks diner
Holiday--My birthday since I didn't even get my own stocking this year. boo hoo.
Christmas tradition--Milk and cookies for Santa
Animal--Maya--I love it when she licks my face when I'm sitting in my chair--that is before mom kicks her outside.
Movie--The Bare Neccessities
Clothes--I look cute in just about everything


Cereal--Cookie Crisp
Vegetable--Meme's Beans
Drink--Henry Weinhardts Root Beer
TV show--"Burn Notice" or "24"
Game--Hide the Thimble
Book--Scriptures (pretty much the only books he reads)
Restaurant--Pretty much any "swim-up" bar
Holiday--Christmas, when friends and family get together
Christmas Tradition--Eating Blueberry muffins, Eggs-n-bacon for breakfast Christmas morning
Animal--Maya because she comes when she's called
Movie--Return to Me
Clothes--His "Silkies" (I'm pretty sure that doesn't sound too good for a man to say--he's really talking about his comfy silky sport shorts that are about 2 sizes too big and oh-so-comfortable.)
If you could change your name, what would you choose? DAVE
Where would you like to go on vacation this year? I would like to take the family to Florida and also do a lot of camping.
What are some of your wishes for this year? To be "SVELTE" again------------lol
What do you love about each person in your family?
Mom: You're my BEST friend
K, my "first-born in the desert": You are often a good example for ALL of us. I admire your ability to talk to anybody and to share the gospel with them. You don't get caught up in what other people think.
A, my "second-born in the desert": You are the 2nd mom in the home. You are terrific with Andrew and Kyle and if someone is having a bad day, you go out of your way to be extra good to them.
D, the "first-born in the promised land": you are my little buddy. You are always so happy to see me when I come home. When you race to the door and throw your arms around me it makes me feel so good and happy to be home.
KC, the "second-born in the promised land": You are my little grinner--You melt my heart with your smiles.
Goals for this upcoming year: TBD

Cereal--Cherry Vanilla Granola
Vegetable--Fried Carrots in butter
Drink--I'm kind of on a bit of a Hot Cocoa Bender lately
TV show--Since I'm nursing KC right now, I tend to watch more tv than usual for me so I have several favorites right now. My favorites include Burn Notice and 24 as well as NCIS and Leverage and we also like Castle a lot too. Again I say, "thank goodness for DVR".
Game--I'm liking Cadoo right now because we can ALL play it-even Andrew.
Book---Parenting books don't count so...I'll go with the Eragon series.
Restaurant---Papa Murphy's Pizza (that is my old standby when I'm in a bind and I don't have anything planned for dinner--fast, cheap and nobody ever complains about what's for dinner)
Holiday---I love Independence Day--We usually spend it TOGETHER, with as much family and friends as we can find, camping someplace fun. We eat too much, laugh too much, play too much and it seems that we tend to do all of the things that we often take for granted as being commonplace in this country of ours. I also recognize that those freedoms that we enjoy are in jeopardy and therefore appreciate them all the more.
Christmas Tradition---My most loved Christmas tradition is when we gather around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and we light the real candles instead of the tree lights. It is as if you are turning off all of the commercial aspects of Christmas and are left with the simple, feelings of peace, tranquility and hope. It is the embodiment of the true Christmas spirit. It is family, and love and it is a sacred moment for me.
Animal---Sometimes I think my kids are animals--does that count?
Movie---I think I'm still going to have to go with Pride and Prejudice--nothing else quite compares. It has been quite a while since we have had a really GREAT movie, don't you think?
Clothes---I just wish that all of my pre-pregnancy clothes would fit again.

If you could change your name, what would it be? I'd change my name to Lola--why? What the heck--it's just so quirky.

Where would you like to go on vacation this year? We are going to Florida in April and I am very much looking forward to that. This summer I just want to stay home and do a bunch of camping, fishing, four-wheeling, and skiing--and if we happen to make to Romania--sweet!

What are some of your wishes for this year? I want my kids to be happy--happy with who they are. Happy with each other and happy with their parents.

What do you love about each person in your family?
Dad: He makes me a better person every single day. He works hard for us and he asks so little for himself. I can see him realizing all of the potential that I once knew he possessed.
K: She loves me despite all of my shortcomings. She is patient with all of my "rookie" parenting mistakes and it never ceases to amaze me how happy she is to live and learn the gospel.
A: This sweet little girl is a fabulous with KC. She plays with him, changes him, holds him and even occasionally feeds him. Someday, she will make an absolutely wonderful mother.
D: My little man is kind to his brother, adores his big sisters and is learning to be a super-duper helper to his mom. He is a sweet ball of energy and at the end of the day when I listen to him say his prayers I can honestly say that he is a JOY to me and I know that there are big things in store for such an amazing little boy.
KC: My heart just melts when I look at his sweet face. My lips are magnetically attracted to his chubby cheeks and when I see him sleeping all I can think of are the words, "God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world."

My goals for this year include teaching my children to sit still during church--since for the first time in our married life Jeff won't be able to come to our ward with us. I would love to learn how to make a shelving unit for our house as well as one for Jeff's office and I can't wait to learn more about photoshop and also Illustrator. (They say in order for goals to be realized you have to write them down, so I am hoping that by writing them down I am already halfway to completing them.)

Well--There you have it. Some of our favorites from last year as well as some of our wishes and goals for next. Mostly, I just want to remember!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poor, Pitiful Cake

I watched a couple episodes of Ace of Cakes and became inspired to attempt a birthday cake for Kaylee (and myself). Up until now I have typically either just made a flat cake in a 9 X 13 or one of my friends takes pity on me and helps me out or I break down and buy one from the store. Not this year! This year I am bound and determined not to be embarrassed by my poor, pitiful cakes. This is the year of the CAKE! I will rise to the occasion! I will overcome my weaknesses! I will, After 17 years of marriage finally own my own set of cake pans--nothing special, just your basic, heavy duty 9" rounds. I will Beat, stir and frost my fingers to the bone until I am sure that my creations are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat! Just like THIS ONE.

Wait a sec.

Who am I kidding here?

This is how my SAD, little cake actually will turn out.
Maybe I'll just stop at actually owning the pans!

....................Look aren't they beautiful?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Double Digits

This Beautiful Girl is FINALLY double digits! She has been waiting for this forever. I keep telling her not to try and grow up too fast but she is bound and determined to. Kaylee is developing so many wonderful qualities right now. You can really see her becoming an amazing person inside. Since she is now 10 I will share with you 10 characteristics that are part of this sweet girls personality.
1. Zest: She has a zest for life that is impossible to miss. She loves to try new things, learn about everything and just seems to soak it all in.
2. Recoil: Kaylee has a wonderful ability to regroup, refocus and rebound after something doesn't go her way. She is never upset for very long when she hits a tough moment in her day. She huffs and puffs for a few minutes but then wipes it all away and moves on as if it never happened.
3. Self Discipline: I never have to remind K to do her homework. She is always right on top of things. She knows what she has to get done and she does it without ever being asked to. Piano and Contributions are a different story---but I know that if she were perfect already then she wouldn't need me, would she?
4. Hope: My girl is always full of hope. She knows that opportunity is just around the corner and that with a little hard work, practice and effort she can be the very best version of herself. She proves this every time she practices patience with her 4 year old brother or her overly controlling mom.
5. Honesty: This angel is always the first person to "fess up" when fessing up is needed. "Who spread the toothpaste all over the sink?", "Who left this backpack in the middle of the floor?", "Who forgot to give me kisses?" --Kaylee is the first one to say, "I did it mom, I'm sorry"
6. Maturity: From the moment K popped into this world she has always enjoyed conversing with adults. Many more times than I can count when given the choice of hanging out with the adults or playing with kids her age, she has chosen to participate in the adult discussion instead. Sometimes I forget that she is "only 10."
7. Courage: She is never afraid to stand up for what she knows is right--or at least if she is afraid, she grabs hold of a great store of courage and does it anyway. I am so pleased by the way she never backs down when someone is challanging her beliefs.
8. Good Heart: I have watched this little girl go out of her way to help those less fortunate than herself many times. She has a very tender heart and it shows in how she treats kids at school with various disabilities as well as neighbors who need snow shovelled or leaves raked.
9. Well Rounded: Kaylee is becoming skilled in many different areas. She is becoming a very talented pianist as well as showing some real promis with the flute. I have started to integrate her into the kitchen as well. She has become proficient with a few special dishes, ie. top raman, choc. chip cookies, and macaroni and cheese. (You've got to start somewhere, right?) No, seriously she has started learning some cooking basics and I'm sure by next year she'll be cooking MY birthday dinner for me.
10. Seeker of Good things: I often find Kaylee tucked away in her bed reading none other than the Ensign or the Friend. She goes through her Faith in God booklet and checks stuff off. She helps with FHE and just really tries to fill her life with GOOD things. What an example for me and the rest of the family.
You can see that she is well on her way to becoming an EXTRAORDINARY woman. All of the effort that she puts in to honing these great qualities will serve her well all throughout her life. I'm SO happy that she belongs to our family and so happy for all of her wonderful accomplishments.

Monday, January 11, 2010

no hassle games ideas for fhe or anytime

I was looking around trying to decide what to do for FHE tonight and I found some fun games. These are simple, no setup neccessary type games and can be easily adapted to any number of age groups. I also like them because they can be adapted for time as well. Sometimes we need a filler, sometimes we need just a fun couple moments to wrap up the lesson--either way, chances are, one of these might work for you. Have Fun!

Who's the Animal - To start the game, you need a person that is it. Everyone stands in the circle, except the person who is it, they stand in the middle. Put a blindfold on the person who is it. Have them say "Go" every one runs around, not making any clue of where they are. When the person who is it says "Stop" all the people stop in the circle again. The person who is it points in a direction, saying an animal. Whoever he/she points to has to make the animal noise that they were told. Trying not to sound like themselves. The person tries to guess the person who made the noise. If he/she guesses right, the person who did the animal is it, if not you just pick some one else to be it. - Maren Jacobs

10 Commandment Hopscotch - With side walk chalk make a 10 space hopscotch. As each person throws the rock or bean bag on the numbered space they have to say the commandment that corresponds with that number. if your right you get to keep going if wrong you have to keep trying. each time you move to the next number up you have to say the previous numbers. - Mandy

Four Corners - In a room designate corners by number; 1 through 4. One person covers his eyes and counts to ten slowly and then without uncovering his eyes calls out, "Corner number____ (pick 1,2,3or4)." Everyone that is in the corner he calls out sits down. Repeat until only 1 person is left. The last person is the new counter. - Leah Marley

Noah's Ark - Noah says: You have all been invited to come on the Ark, but there are only certain things that you can take with you. Take turns around in a circle and call out what you would like to bring . Pam may want to bring some pancakes; that would be great to eat Joey may think that's a great idea and want to bring some syrup with it but he can't. But he can bring some jam; whereas Susan can bring some syrup. The goal of the game is to bring items only that start with the first letter in your name. The players will not get it at first and you may need to do a few rounds. (make sure players only bring one item at a time as they go around the circle). Players who figure it out should be told not to say anything. - Palmquist Family

Button, Button, Who Has the Button? - We play button button who has the button. For those who may not know the game I will explain. All you need is a button. Everybody sits in a circle. One person in the middle is 'IT'. The button gets passed around in a concealed manner. Of course, one person must hold onto the button without passing it. The others must pretend they are passing it. After all have passed (or not) 'IT' must point out the person with the button. That person becomes 'IT'. (contributed by Caryn Stapp)

Flour Penny Tower - Materials: Flour, a Penny, a butter knife, bowl and plate. Pour flour onto the bowl. Pack it in. place plate on top of bowl and carefully tip the bowl over. take the bowl off. you should have a perfect nice round flour hill. Put the penny on top. Take turns cutting a chunk of the flour off with the knife. Try to keep the penny on the top of the flour. Eventually the penny will fall. The persons who made it fall has to pick the penny up with their teeth (no hands allowed).

I remember playing those last two with my family growing up. Maybe I like them so much because they give me fond memories.
These were some of my favorites but to see the whole list of ideas you can click HERE.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sew Easy

I am not a seamstress. Let's make that clear right from the get-go. I have done very simple sewing--you know, straight lines, simple curtains, easy straightforward projects. So when I tell you that I made a cute skirt for each of the girls, I don't want you to be overly impressed. I do however, want you to be excited at just how cute they turned out. I found this print fabric on the bargain table at Walmart for about $1.97/yd. I had the purple fabric leftover from some other project. I was able to make two skirts out of 1 yard. I downloaded a tutorial from HERE. I think that her directions were easy to follow and pretty much right-on. The only time I got a little off-track was when I was trying to sew the waistband on to the skirt, but I worked it all out. Let me say that truly, if I can do it--anyone can. I have never been that good at following patterns and pattern directions. I blame it on the fact that I have never taken any basic sewing classes. It has all been self-taught--consequently, some of the verbage the patterns use gets a little dicey for me. Sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about. These directions however, were easy to follow and it taught me step by step how to make my own pattern using wrapping paper. I could make one for myself if I wanted to or I could make a few more for the girls. I actually had fun with this. My only issue is that now I can't find cute little t-shirts to go with it. I guess that is part of the challange of living in a small town. I searched everywhere the day before Christmas trying to find the right shirts to go with the skirts. I couldn't find anything. Old Navy--nope, Walmart--nada, Macy's--zip, Ross--nothing. I even tried at Michaels--no luck. That about covers it for our town. I guess I'll have to get on-line and keep looking. Until then, they'll have to wear it with a plain white old navy v-neck.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kyle Smiles

I think that there couldn't possibly be anything more wonderful than to see a baby smile. Such innocence, such purity and total lack of guile. This baby has left me speechless every time he looks up at me with those gorgeous eyes and his adorable little smile. I can literally feel my heart getting bigger--and being pumped full of that overwhelming feeling that this amazing little creature is actually mine. Oh, how I love this little boy!!! I
have thought so many times how I might describe that feeling that comes over me. I assume that all moms must get it. It's that tingling, tightening, constricting surge that takes over your whole body that makes you want to just S Q U E E Z E him and hug him to you so tightly so as not to ever let go!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Personalized Notepads

I found the coolest idea from Chocolate on My Cranium last year and I have been iching to try it out ever since. You can find the tutorial HERE. She explains everything you need to make them and just how easy it is. I finally gathered the materials to try it and have been having fun with my first attempts. You can be as creative as you want or as simple as you want. I think they make a really fun, simple, yet very personal gift since you can tailor it for exactly the interests and likes of any person. At the same time it is Cheap to make. I also just found a super cool graphics site that has free vintage graphics that you can use. I love it. Find or make the perfect graphic, add a matching quote, dress it up with a border or other embellishment and there you have it--the perfect little personalized gift. BTW, if you are searching for the perfect quote you can try this little site. It has all kinds of good quotes to use.

If you want to give it a try sometime before you buy the padding compound for yourself. Give me a call, you can come over we can do some together. You'll see how fun it is.