Monday, January 11, 2010

no hassle games ideas for fhe or anytime

I was looking around trying to decide what to do for FHE tonight and I found some fun games. These are simple, no setup neccessary type games and can be easily adapted to any number of age groups. I also like them because they can be adapted for time as well. Sometimes we need a filler, sometimes we need just a fun couple moments to wrap up the lesson--either way, chances are, one of these might work for you. Have Fun!

Who's the Animal - To start the game, you need a person that is it. Everyone stands in the circle, except the person who is it, they stand in the middle. Put a blindfold on the person who is it. Have them say "Go" every one runs around, not making any clue of where they are. When the person who is it says "Stop" all the people stop in the circle again. The person who is it points in a direction, saying an animal. Whoever he/she points to has to make the animal noise that they were told. Trying not to sound like themselves. The person tries to guess the person who made the noise. If he/she guesses right, the person who did the animal is it, if not you just pick some one else to be it. - Maren Jacobs

10 Commandment Hopscotch - With side walk chalk make a 10 space hopscotch. As each person throws the rock or bean bag on the numbered space they have to say the commandment that corresponds with that number. if your right you get to keep going if wrong you have to keep trying. each time you move to the next number up you have to say the previous numbers. - Mandy

Four Corners - In a room designate corners by number; 1 through 4. One person covers his eyes and counts to ten slowly and then without uncovering his eyes calls out, "Corner number____ (pick 1,2,3or4)." Everyone that is in the corner he calls out sits down. Repeat until only 1 person is left. The last person is the new counter. - Leah Marley

Noah's Ark - Noah says: You have all been invited to come on the Ark, but there are only certain things that you can take with you. Take turns around in a circle and call out what you would like to bring . Pam may want to bring some pancakes; that would be great to eat Joey may think that's a great idea and want to bring some syrup with it but he can't. But he can bring some jam; whereas Susan can bring some syrup. The goal of the game is to bring items only that start with the first letter in your name. The players will not get it at first and you may need to do a few rounds. (make sure players only bring one item at a time as they go around the circle). Players who figure it out should be told not to say anything. - Palmquist Family

Button, Button, Who Has the Button? - We play button button who has the button. For those who may not know the game I will explain. All you need is a button. Everybody sits in a circle. One person in the middle is 'IT'. The button gets passed around in a concealed manner. Of course, one person must hold onto the button without passing it. The others must pretend they are passing it. After all have passed (or not) 'IT' must point out the person with the button. That person becomes 'IT'. (contributed by Caryn Stapp)

Flour Penny Tower - Materials: Flour, a Penny, a butter knife, bowl and plate. Pour flour onto the bowl. Pack it in. place plate on top of bowl and carefully tip the bowl over. take the bowl off. you should have a perfect nice round flour hill. Put the penny on top. Take turns cutting a chunk of the flour off with the knife. Try to keep the penny on the top of the flour. Eventually the penny will fall. The persons who made it fall has to pick the penny up with their teeth (no hands allowed).

I remember playing those last two with my family growing up. Maybe I like them so much because they give me fond memories.
These were some of my favorites but to see the whole list of ideas you can click HERE.

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