Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poor, Pitiful Cake

I watched a couple episodes of Ace of Cakes and became inspired to attempt a birthday cake for Kaylee (and myself). Up until now I have typically either just made a flat cake in a 9 X 13 or one of my friends takes pity on me and helps me out or I break down and buy one from the store. Not this year! This year I am bound and determined not to be embarrassed by my poor, pitiful cakes. This is the year of the CAKE! I will rise to the occasion! I will overcome my weaknesses! I will, After 17 years of marriage finally own my own set of cake pans--nothing special, just your basic, heavy duty 9" rounds. I will Beat, stir and frost my fingers to the bone until I am sure that my creations are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat! Just like THIS ONE.

Wait a sec.

Who am I kidding here?

This is how my SAD, little cake actually will turn out.
Maybe I'll just stop at actually owning the pans!

....................Look aren't they beautiful?


Matt and Melinda Bailey said...

That was hilarious, I loved it. And it's so typical of the Julie that I know. I mean that in a good way! You are always trying and that's all that matters! Happy cake decorating!

Emily said...

Let's make a cake together sometime. With Fondant and everything...maybe we can both overcome our cake-a-phobia! :D