Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Double Digits

This Beautiful Girl is FINALLY double digits! She has been waiting for this forever. I keep telling her not to try and grow up too fast but she is bound and determined to. Kaylee is developing so many wonderful qualities right now. You can really see her becoming an amazing person inside. Since she is now 10 I will share with you 10 characteristics that are part of this sweet girls personality.
1. Zest: She has a zest for life that is impossible to miss. She loves to try new things, learn about everything and just seems to soak it all in.
2. Recoil: Kaylee has a wonderful ability to regroup, refocus and rebound after something doesn't go her way. She is never upset for very long when she hits a tough moment in her day. She huffs and puffs for a few minutes but then wipes it all away and moves on as if it never happened.
3. Self Discipline: I never have to remind K to do her homework. She is always right on top of things. She knows what she has to get done and she does it without ever being asked to. Piano and Contributions are a different story---but I know that if she were perfect already then she wouldn't need me, would she?
4. Hope: My girl is always full of hope. She knows that opportunity is just around the corner and that with a little hard work, practice and effort she can be the very best version of herself. She proves this every time she practices patience with her 4 year old brother or her overly controlling mom.
5. Honesty: This angel is always the first person to "fess up" when fessing up is needed. "Who spread the toothpaste all over the sink?", "Who left this backpack in the middle of the floor?", "Who forgot to give me kisses?" --Kaylee is the first one to say, "I did it mom, I'm sorry"
6. Maturity: From the moment K popped into this world she has always enjoyed conversing with adults. Many more times than I can count when given the choice of hanging out with the adults or playing with kids her age, she has chosen to participate in the adult discussion instead. Sometimes I forget that she is "only 10."
7. Courage: She is never afraid to stand up for what she knows is right--or at least if she is afraid, she grabs hold of a great store of courage and does it anyway. I am so pleased by the way she never backs down when someone is challanging her beliefs.
8. Good Heart: I have watched this little girl go out of her way to help those less fortunate than herself many times. She has a very tender heart and it shows in how she treats kids at school with various disabilities as well as neighbors who need snow shovelled or leaves raked.
9. Well Rounded: Kaylee is becoming skilled in many different areas. She is becoming a very talented pianist as well as showing some real promis with the flute. I have started to integrate her into the kitchen as well. She has become proficient with a few special dishes, ie. top raman, choc. chip cookies, and macaroni and cheese. (You've got to start somewhere, right?) No, seriously she has started learning some cooking basics and I'm sure by next year she'll be cooking MY birthday dinner for me.
10. Seeker of Good things: I often find Kaylee tucked away in her bed reading none other than the Ensign or the Friend. She goes through her Faith in God booklet and checks stuff off. She helps with FHE and just really tries to fill her life with GOOD things. What an example for me and the rest of the family.
You can see that she is well on her way to becoming an EXTRAORDINARY woman. All of the effort that she puts in to honing these great qualities will serve her well all throughout her life. I'm SO happy that she belongs to our family and so happy for all of her wonderful accomplishments.


Matt and Melinda Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Kaylee! And Happy Birthday to you Julie! I can't believe that we talked and I did't even know that it was your birthday! Kaylee you are such a beautiful little lady now. Make sure that you never change, and that you always stay true to who you are! We hope that you both have a great birthday! And Kaylee you should come and learn how to cook at my house.... I can teach you how to make a mean tater tot casserole! And maybe teach you how to make a barbie cake for your mom!

Matt and Melinda Bailey said...

Oh and Kaylee, whenever you make a mistake, you can say, that was so nine of me! HA HA!

Emily said...

Julie, it never ceases to amaze me how much you love your children. In all your posts, not just the birthday ones, if you read between each line it says, "I love him/her with all my heart!" (and that you can love all 4 with all your heart and still have a little room for Jeff is something to be treasured)

Julie said...

I think the amazing thing about love is that the more you give--the more your capacity to love grows. There's not just a finite amount available. It's only when you don't give it away that it starts to shrivel up and go away.

ashley said...

what a great daughter. i think that is a testiment to her mom too!! way to go mom!!