Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Seattle

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all had a great time spent with family, friends, and filled with lot's of laughs and LOT'S of Food! We were supposed to leave Wednesday morning to go to Seattle but the weather was getting ugly and so Tuesday about 11 Jeff called home from work and said, "Do you think you can get packed up and ready to leave by 1?" Of course that wasn't at all possible but I said "Sure! I'll do my best." So I started throwing clothes into bags, frantically trying to finish the last minute homemade gifts that still weren't quite done and rounding up the presents that we were going to take with us. By 3 we were ready to go. The house was a disaster!!! We left dirty dishes, paint on the floor, clothes everywhere, Jeff's half-eaten birthday cake on the counter, laundry in the WASHER and quite a few of the presents that I had still stashed in their hiding places. BUT---At least we made it out the door. The roads were pretty good and travel was fairly easy. If we had waited until the next day as planned, it would have gotten pretty ugly--Dan and Amanda can attest to that!

Santa was pretty good to all--Everyone seemed to be happy with the offerings from the elves.

We topped off a great morning of stockings and gifts with a fabulous breakfast (Jeff always says that Bonnie is like an Italian mama--you know, the ones who keep ladeling food onto your plate until you either pass out or explode.)

After breakfast, everyone geared up in their snow clothes for some fun in the snow.

Andrew loved the lightsaber that Santa left for him. He kept building little snowmen all over the yard and then he'd "Saber" them down.

Dan and Kaylee built a snowman in the driveway so that they could drive through it with the Jeep. We named him "Desperaux".

This is the snowman that Addy and I built. We named her "Betty".

We Video'd Dan crashing through Desperaux but the file is too big to share here. Suffice it to say that this...

... is ALL that was left of poor Desperaux!

On Friday we took the kids to downtown Seattle. It was raining and pretty darn chilly so we weren't too adventurous. We did hit Pike Place Market. We had fun watching them throw the fish and checked out all of the booths.

All was well until we walked past a fruit stand and Andrew knocked one Apricot onto the floor. I, being the good citizen that I am, handed it to the sales guy thinking that he could wash it off and all would be well. The jerk, I mean sales guy, told me that I was going to have to buy it because it would be bruised now and they wouldn't be able to sell it. I was taken aback and all I could say was, "are you kidding me?" I thought he was joking at first. Was he really going to make me pay for it? Yep, he was totally serious. I bantered back and forth with him a bit and things got kind of testy. I hate to admit it, but I was REALLY mad--over 1 stupid 50 cent apricot. I never swore but I did raise my voice so that all of the people standing around (and there were a lot of them) could know exactly what I thought of this particularly evil fruit stand. He, the jerk, threatened to call security--imagine being sent to jail for a 3 year old dropping 1 apricot. I finally dug into my purse and practically threw the 50 cents at him and stomped off ---with one last parting shot of, "nice customer service!!!". I walked down the aisle to where everyone was waiting for me and Jeff asked me, "where is the apricot?" I had been so mad that I hadn't even taken it with me. So I said, "screw that, I'm going back there to get my stinkin' apricot--they're not goint to keep it." So I went back and said, "Where is my apricot, I want it" and guess where they had put it------yep, right back on the pile of apricots for sale-----"bruised" my arse. What a joke! I guess I will never know what possessed him to throw such a fit over one piece of harmless fruit. (Who knows, I may never know why I threw such a fit over the same fruit!) I think my sense of customer service just said that it was totally wrong to force me to pay for something that was a.) not my fault b.) not damaged in the least and c.) so inconsequential in the big scheme of things. Oh well, I had to add a picture of the offensive little man and complain about him at the very least.

This little episode might have ruined the outing but I couldn't help but shake my head and laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation. We just moved on and enjoyed the Italian market, handmade popsicle stick puppets and the fresh mini doughnuts.

Andrew had fun kissing the hog--before I put the kabash on that germ filled activity.

We did not however enjoy ripping our hubcap off on the way out of the parking garage. We could have done without that. Thank goodness for Ebay! replacement cost dropped from $100 to $25.

We left to head home on Saturday morning. We stopped in North Bend to hit the outlet stores there and dawdled our way home. We finally made it to our house about 7:30. Of course it had snowed about a foot more since we'd been gone and so we had to borrow our neighbors shovels in order to dig our way up to the doors. The snow was pretty wet, evidently it had rained earlier as well and the snow was HEAVY so it took us about another hour just to make it up to the doors.

These icicles had started before we left but when we got home they were MONSTROUS! This picture was actually taken the day after we had gotten home and it had been raining hard for quite a while and so they had already melted a bunch. I should have taken them the night before when they were just about touching the ground and as thick around as stumps. I hope the gutter doesn't fall off.

I can't wait to see what the new year will bring. I'm looking forward to some great new years resolutions. What are you going to be doing in 2009?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Thermal Conductivity of a... Tongue?

Do you remember this?

Well sure enough--As life follows art--Andrew came running in the house yesterday saying, "mom! Addy needs you! She needs you bad! Her tongue is stuck to dat ting." So I rouse myself up from whatever I was doing, and poke my head outside to check on Addy. Sure enough, her tongue is stuck to this...

Poor thing! She really couldn't get it off. It was bleeding and everything. Believe me, I felt bad for her but at the same time I couldn't help chuckling a bit to myself all the same. I did, however go immediately to get some warm water instead of for the camera (although, the thought did cross my evil mind). We poured the water over the tongue and, easy peasy, she was FREE! After we got the bleeding stopped and her tongue stopped stinging she looked almost like this again.
Needless to say, we did have a little chat with all of the kids about what happens when you stick your tongue on cold metal. I'm not sure it sunk in though, I'm pretty sure Andrew was trying to lick the ice off the fence later on. I better keep the water handy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

We went out to the woods for a few hours last Saturday. We were supposed to be picking out our Christmas tree but I have to admit--I got a little lazy this year and put up a fake tree. I just really needed it up early this year for some reason and I knew that we weren't going to be able to get out to get a tree for a while. So...we just tagged along for the fun of it. Anytime we have the opportunity to play in the woods-especially with the quad and we are all over it. There was no snow this year but we had a great
time taking all of the kids for rides on the quad. Maya would chase us down the road for a while and then get tired and turn around and go back. I love taking her out there with us. She loves the freedom and is just so happy. I think that's why I love it out there too. I just love the freedom you feel being out in the woods with, relatively no one else around. (Did I just compare myself to a dog?)

We were driving West in order to get home and the sunset that day was one of the most beautiful sunsets I think I have ever seen. That includes all of the gorgous ones from Tucson. I just had to stop and take some pictures. It flat out took my breath away. The colors were brilliant shades of oranges, reds and yellows and the colors on the cloud formations was just the coolest thing.

Total Eye Candy!

I'll let you judge for yourself--although I'm quite sure the pictures can't do it the justice it deserves.

Monday, December 8, 2008

China!!! Let the preparations begin

These babies came in the mail a few days ago. I have also been filling out all of the VISA paperwork and getting the passports sent in so I can't help but start to get excited about going. I'm in the info gathering process--so if anyone has any info to pass on--let me know. I have been working on my "lip-zipping" and my "yes-sirring" and we learned the most important of all chinese words-----"Ping Cow" which may end up saving my life. (translation=Rice) I'm not exactly sure how adventurous I will be for the Chinese food. I guess we'll see.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flashback Friday--What did you do when you were supposed to be napping?

I should have a contest to see if anyone can guess the yummy delicassy that Kaylee has just partaken of.

.............. powdered sugar?




...........white chocolate?



ding ding ding--you guessed it! Evidently it is quite tasty. She seemed to love it--ate almost the full tube. This resulting picture has been one of my favorite pictures ever. The face she is making is just classic.

Oh the things we do when we are supposed to be napping. It reminds me of the time that I was supposed to be napping and decided to stick a bobbie pin into the light socket. I distinctly remember thinking, "I wonder what will happen if I stick this in here." (I was about 5, I think) I definitely found out, that's for sure. Sparks flew, fire flared and before I knew what had happened, the bobbie pin had melted into my fingers. That's when my thoughts became, "Please don't cry! Just don't cry! DON'T cry!!!" To no avail. I was so scared that I would be in so much trouble because I was supposed to be taking a nap. After about a minute I couldn't take it any more and I ran down to my mom who was doing laundry. She fixed me up and the only other thing I remember is having to tell my dad about it when we picked him up from work. I was petrified--It's one thing run to mom--it was another to have to fess up to my dad! My fear was definitely overrated and not neccessary. No beatings were given that day and all is well. I have always wondered however, why that particular memory was ingrained into my head. I think it is actually one of the earliest memories that I have.

I guess I just find myself remembering that experience because Andrew recently stuck a little toy lock into the socket and deja vu----sparks flew, fire flared and before he knew what had happened he had a nice little burn on his finger and thumb. ----Oh please spare him the rest of MY childhood mistakes.