Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who's afraid of the big, bad "loaf"?

I have always been somewhat afraid of baking bread. It's the fear of failure that puts me in my place. For some reason the baking of homemade bread just seems to be the quintessential characteristic of a "successful" mormon mom. "What? You don't know how to bake bread? Hmm, So much for your final reward in heaven--get to the back of the line!" For 17 long years I have avoided it almost like the plague. I have assigned out the rolls to others at dinner parties. I have guilted my friends into every once in a while delivering a fresh homemade loaf. I wouldn't even put it past myself to have fulfilled a three-year calling so that at the end someone would deliver that homemade thank-you gift for a job well done.
Well, I say to you now.................No more Scaredy Cat!

The past several months I have made it a personal vendetta to banish my "wholesome fears". I do not want to break out into a cold sweat whenever the signup sheet for baking the bread or rolls for the institute is passed. No bread in the cupboards----no problem. I would love to be able to just whip up some bread for sandwiches and toast the next day. Not only that, I am hoping my children will be able to make it into heaven too so I guess I need to set the good example for them.

Feast your eyes on these babies!

How cool is that? I even feel confident enough to occasionally included the girls in my adventures with bread.

Go ahead tell me--------You go girl!

maybe next year I'll tackle something like world peace.


Kristine said...

you are hilarious! i don't make bread either. guess i ought to learn since it may be a requirement to enter the highest level of glory(:

Matt and Melinda Bailey said...

Back of the line huh? Well I'll be waiving to you in the front, from the back! Maybe your hard work and skills will rub off on me one day! You GO girl!!

janeen said...

you go girl! I have the same bread making fear, maybe i should learn how to conquer my fear too.

Emily said...

Glad you are able to move up in the line with the rest of us who have been making bread for years! :P

The Prestwich's said...

Awwww. I am crying here. I feel so proud of you, my little Juliana.