Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sew Easy

I am not a seamstress. Let's make that clear right from the get-go. I have done very simple sewing--you know, straight lines, simple curtains, easy straightforward projects. So when I tell you that I made a cute skirt for each of the girls, I don't want you to be overly impressed. I do however, want you to be excited at just how cute they turned out. I found this print fabric on the bargain table at Walmart for about $1.97/yd. I had the purple fabric leftover from some other project. I was able to make two skirts out of 1 yard. I downloaded a tutorial from HERE. I think that her directions were easy to follow and pretty much right-on. The only time I got a little off-track was when I was trying to sew the waistband on to the skirt, but I worked it all out. Let me say that truly, if I can do it--anyone can. I have never been that good at following patterns and pattern directions. I blame it on the fact that I have never taken any basic sewing classes. It has all been self-taught--consequently, some of the verbage the patterns use gets a little dicey for me. Sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about. These directions however, were easy to follow and it taught me step by step how to make my own pattern using wrapping paper. I could make one for myself if I wanted to or I could make a few more for the girls. I actually had fun with this. My only issue is that now I can't find cute little t-shirts to go with it. I guess that is part of the challange of living in a small town. I searched everywhere the day before Christmas trying to find the right shirts to go with the skirts. I couldn't find anything. Old Navy--nope, Walmart--nada, Macy's--zip, Ross--nothing. I even tried at Michaels--no luck. That about covers it for our town. I guess I'll have to get on-line and keep looking. Until then, they'll have to wear it with a plain white old navy v-neck.


Anonymous said...

So cute Julie! I have a lot of patterns/tutorials I want to try, I just haven't gotten up the courage to do so because of my lack of advanced sewing skills. I may have to give those a try.

Julie said...
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Matt and Melinda Bailey said...

What's up Martha? Oh, I mean Julie! You are really impressing me with all of your cute stuff that your making, even with a little baby! Keep up the good work, and the cute ideas!