Monday, September 29, 2008

Kamiak Butte

Armed with pretzels, apples and my gps I dragged the kids up Kamiak Butte this summer. I carefully kept the carrot dangling in front of them--bribing them with the finding of a geo-cache at the top of the "mtn." It was a beautiful little hike and the kids did great most of the way. Sadly though, I hadn't researched my cache well enough. Instead of a real cache of treasure this particular one was an "earthcache"--no treasure to be found except the gorgeous view from the top and a geological survey plaque. Not exactly what the kids were anticipating. Will they ever trust me again???

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Pam said...

Julie, Oh my word. I can't believe after all these years. Your girls are beautiful. And you and Jeff look exactly the same! How fun to catch up.