Monday, May 18, 2009

no kids---no problem

Jeff and I had the rare opportunity to spend a whole day to ourselves. Sheer Bliss! We got up early and dropped the kids off at Susan's house then drove up to Spokane to go to the temple. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy my children and I love being with them, but it was SO VERY nice to be able to drive the 1 1/2 hours in total peace and tranquility. No arguments from the backseat, no "are we there yets", no pit-stops to throw up, no one asking for snacks, no potty breaks---sheer bliss! We were able to carry on a full, uninterrupted conversation together. What a beautiful thing to be able to arrive at the temple unhassled as well as unhurried.
I'm amazed every time I go by the generous nature of Heavenly Father. He WANTS so very much to bless us and is looking for every opportunity to do so. That is never more apparent to me than when I go to the temple.

Afterwards Jeff and I and his sister Amanda went to check out some laptops. After years of encouraging him to check out the Macs he finally looked at one and realized how much better they are and the killer software that goes with them. He was hooked. We were almost ready to pay for it when he decided to think about it over lunch. So we went to (the ultimate sandwich place) Schlotzkies for a sandwich. He decided to call his tech support to make sure that they support the Macs and lucky that he did because he found out that they are still about a year away from being able to sync with the Macs. Their security system is so strict and proprietary that it is hard to access his office stuff from anywhere but in the office. So--back to the store we went to figure out what else would work for us. Which brand? Big screen/little screen? Battery size? touchpad? insurance/no insurance? upgrade by geek squad? security installed or not? Cash or no-interest payments? etc. etc. All of the decisions to be made all at one time almost killed us. :) While we deliberated all of these life-altering questions, I just kept thinking this whole time how glad I was that the kids weren't there. They would have been bored out of their minds the whole time. Consequently, I would have had to chase and threaten and discipline them the whole time. How nice it was to know that they were having fun where they were and that we could just concentrate on what we needed to concentrate on and get the job done.
All decisions finally having been made we headed home once again enjoying the opportunity to just drive--talk--savor the views and listen to the sounds of silence for a while. The drive was typical Palouse scenery in the Spring--gorgeous.
As relaxing and wonderful as the day was--it was also fun to have the kids meet us at the door with great big hugs and loud cheers of, "mommy--daddy, you're here! Yeah!" It's always heartwarming when you return home and know that you have been loved and missed.
To top it all off--we returned home to a clean house! What joy! (There had been a showing while we were gone and so we had worked hard the day before getting it all clean and ready to go.) I love coming home to a sparkling clean home.

What a GREAT day!


Aubry said...

Too bad about the Mac. We have loved ours the past five years... you mentioned a showing... are you selling? And congrats on a new little one.... that's wonderful! And I totally agree with your post... Chris and I love our together alone time. We are looking forward to a lot of it as we leave Friday for a whole week without the boys. And you're right: the homecoming is fantastic!

Emily said...

My FAVORITE place to eat is Scholtzkys! I love their sandwiches!!!