Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top 10 reasons why I hate being pregnant

The end result is nice and I'm absolutely sure that it will all be worth it--but seriously, being pregnant sucks!!!

10. Heartburn that makes you reflux acid into your mouth even at night while you sleep.

9. Bending over: I just normally take this simple body movement for granted I guess. Being pregnant gives it new meaning. Suddenly the 101 things that the kids leave all over the house is sheer torture. Putting on shoes--a fight to the death. Scrubbing out the bathtub--fuggettaboutit!

8. Maternity clothes--They never fit right no matter how far along you are. It's either too tight here or to loose there.

7. Not being able to sleep on my stomache--or at all for that matter.

6. Laughing, sneezing, yelling at children, coughing, jumping etc. (all of these tend to put excessive pressure upon wimpy bladder) --'nuff said!

5. Suddenly every time your children want to snuggle on your lap all you can think about is administering the football "stiff-arm".

4. GAS--in all its dastardly forms.

3. Not being able to do things with the kids over the summer that I normally don't think twice about like bike riding and water skiing or even making beds and squishing throught tight spaces.

2. Picking just the right name that's not too common and not too weird with the perfect meaning and historical references attached to it. You know--the one that you BOTH can agree on.

and the number 1 reason I hate being pregnant...

Sex starved husband constantly "asking for the order" when all I can think about is... "Oh my gosh, is he freaking kidding me." :) :) :)


Kristine said...

Ha. I can completely relate. I have 4 weeks left and I feel all of them. Of course #10 made me laugh the hardest. I told my husband he has at least another year before he is getting any more action.

ashley said...

made me laugh...because all are true!!! luckily the end result is worth it, until that end result isn't sleeping well, is cutting a tooth, sick, screaming because they can't talk yet, getting into know how it is!! anyhow i hope you can find a few moments of peace each day so you can make it through!!

Nettie! said...

LOL - that is so true!

Emily said...

My #1 reason isn't even on your list. I HATED people thinking that just because I was pregnant my belly became public property!

~The Brown Family~ said...

This is all SO true and reminds me all to well of being pregnant again. Even after 2 yrs. You have hit it dead on. I have not forgotten :-)

janeen said...

Funny and yet they are all so true! I especially loved #10. My husband would be completly mortified if i put that on my blog.