Monday, October 5, 2009

3 Days OUT

The Zoo crew happened to be out of school for 3 days last week. Day 1 was spent cleaning, fighting, destoying and cleaning again. I decided I couldn't take another day like that so on Day 2 after doing the morning "contributions," we loaded the baby up in the stroller and headed downtown. I armed myself with the camera and the bright idea taken from this past months Family Fun magazine. I told the kids that we had to find all of the letters in the alphabet made up out of different shapes that we found along the way. I thought that it might be a little on the hard side for them but they got the hang of it pretty quick and they had a blast searching for things that would make up the letters. Even Andrew had fun searching for the letters--although he just looked for them on the signs. Here are a few pictures of some of our letters that we found. Can you figure out which letters they are supposed to be?

They found all sorts of ways to entertain themselves along the way. I'm pretty sure that since this particular building is a city building--someone would have had a heart attack if they had seen the kids doing this. They would have dreamed about lawsuits that night for sure. We might even have been banned from walking had we been caught.
We had to stop and play at friendship square while we were there. We hardly ever go downtown and so the kids were thrilled to be able to play here. I was just glad that no one fell in the fountain as they were chasing each other around and around it.

Ahhh, the bubble window--classic.
After making it home just as the baby was waking up I decided that I was given a little blessing. Day 2 refueled my energy and made it possible for me to wake up on Day 3 with the assurance that I CAN do this. I CAN enjoy these kids and I CAN make it through another child--and have fun doing it.


Nettie! said...

I am loving that idea!!!

janeen said...

What a great idea. I had all three kids home fo 3 days too and today I woke up extra happy because Keegan was back to school again. It's amazing what one additional kid at home can do to your mental state. I don't know how I am going to do baby number 4 (which is due on Christmas, but thanks to c-sections will be here one week early).

Teresa said...

What a fun idea. The kids did a fantasic job!