Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentines Cards

The girls and I have been Valentine makin' fools lately. We had a Valentine party to go to and they had to make about 25 Valentines each plus another 25 for Drew-Bone. Then we made Valentines and distributed them to all of Jeff's widows that he helps at work. They make another 25 or so that he does something sweet for each year on Valentines Day. Then when we were finished with those we realized that we still had to send some to all of the grandparents who will get theirs last but are certanly not last in our hearts. By the time we were done with them all--I was somewhat exhausted and fairly sick of Valentines. I am somewhat anti-store-bought Valentines though. It just doesn't seem to be the same if you don't actually make it yourself. is what we came up with.I borrowed the idea from the wife of a good friend who just happens to be a superstar crafter. You can check out her blog HERE. She has tons of super-cute ideas to glean.

This particular idea turned out to be a lifesaver. I loved how easy these Valentines were. There was still plenty of scope for creativity but There was nothing hard or tricky about them. Even the girls got in on the action. Actually they loved doing them. They were so excited to do them, they were fighting over the sewing machine.
It was also an incredibly cheap and easy way for them to get some practise and experience sewing real things and using the sewing machine to do it. Much better than ruining a nice piece of fabric that you are actually trying to make something real out of. The ultimate uses for this general idea though are really unlimited. Any time you need to make a quick card for something--just grab some scrap fabric a piece of cardstock and go for it. Can't get much easier than that.

Andrew's Valentines were taken from Dana's blog as well. They were just perfect for him to make. We printed off hearts with "heartbreaker" sayings on them and then he just stuffed them with M&M's and stapled them together. Sadly, I think they all got broken open and eaten before we took pictures so you'll just have to check out the pictures on MADE. Drew sure had fun with them though.

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