Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paris wrap-up

I don't seem to have time to scrapbook these days so even though someone from the blogosphere might be saying--"alright already, time to move on out of Paris"-- I just couldn't quite move on until I included some of my favorites. If only as a reminder for myself. Believe it or not, what I have posted is really just a drop in the bucket. We packed a lot of sightseeing into 4 days. --But never fear, after this I'll let Paris alone and we'll get to London and of course Amsterdam.
Here is just one shot from the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower. If you click on it to enlarge it the view is pretty gorgeous. You may even be able to catch a glimpse of Notre Dame.

Speaking of which...

Jeff sat here for a few minutes enjoying the view and watching the pickpockets get busted by the French police while I snapped some picts.

I think the view from the side is prettier than the front. Aren't the blossoms gorgeous! Those rose stained-glass windows are amazing from the inside. I have never been able to figure out how to take pictures of stained glass. Pictures just cannot capture the beauty of them.

These pictures are no exception. They just don't adequately capture the awe-inspiring feeling of being surrounded by all of these gorgeous panels filled with vivid, colorful light. These were taken inside St. Chapelle, the private chapel of the King. It was small, but absolutely breathtaking to be completely surrounded by the stained glass panels.

The Arc De Triomphe--Basically Napoleons monument to himself disguised as a monument for all of the soldiers and warriors that fought for France. That was a man who certainly knew how to do "ego". This is the largest triomphal arch in the world and I can attest that it is indeed a monster. It is way bigger than I had anticipated. It sits right at the end of the Champs de Elysees and is completely surrounded by a roundabout of about 6 or 7 lanes of traffic with about 12 radiating avenues coming off of it like spokes on a wheel. Notice, there are no lanes painted on the road. It's kind of like a free-for-all. Sheer Craziness! You can actually walk up the stairs to get to the roof. I'm sure it's not a bad view from the top.

One of the funnest Cathedrals would have to be Sacre Couer. It sits on the top of the hill overlooking the rest of the city and is very dramatic and pretty. The view is stunning, to say the least. There are tons of people sitting, standing and hanging out on the steps leading up to the cathedral. There are lots of musicians and entertainers that stake out a spot and play for donations. It's all very festive and definitely a fun people watching spot.

Sacre Couer was one of our last stops in Paris. We were just finishing up and heading back to our hotel as the sun was setting. We took a few minutes to admire this view. I will always have fond memories of Paris. Being able to share it with my best friend---priceless!

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