Saturday, June 11, 2011

Final Tidbits of London

I loved the British Museum! You could get lost in there for days and still not be able to see everything. The mummies and coffins were fascinating. This mummy was from about 700 BC. It was preserved so well. They took great pains to insure that the facial features remained intact. They would even wind thread around the finger nails and small bones to keep them intact. Even the hair was preserved. Amazing!

I thought these were so neat. The detail work on both these wooden pieces and the abalone jewelry was phenomenal. You can click on them to enlarge them and you will see what I'm talking about.

OK! Seriously, How cool are these fun "suitcase" bags made out of recycled mens suits? We were strolling through some fun shops near Drury lane and these caught my eye. They were selling for about 38 pounds (apx. $75) I wonder if something like that would sell at the farmers market?

I always get a chuckle out of the statue men. It seems they are in all of the main tourist squares all around the world. (except for maybe Tiannenmen Square)

It was kind of interesting to see this big ol' battleship just hangin' out in the Thames. I'm honestly not sure if its some sort of naval museum now or if it is a real, working battleship. I guess that gives you a little perspective as to how big the Thames is.

It seems that EVERYONE smokes in Europe these days. Maybe that's why we got a kick out of the huge anti-smoking messages on the back of all the cartons of cigarrettes. We were strolling along the Thames and found this under the famous London Bridge that you can see in the background. We couldn't resist the photo-op.

The round building with the thatched roof is the globe theater that Shakespeare had all of his plays performed in. We didn't have time to visit but it was kind of fun to see it anyway.

Finally, you have London by night. I didn't have a tripod for this shot but it's still kind of fun. That is the London Eye on the left with the houses of Parliament and Big Ben across the river on the right.

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