Monday, March 23, 2009

Shooting Clay Pigeons

The sun was actually Shining AND Warm (55) on Saturday--at least for most of the day so we decided to take advantage of it and head out to the woods for some much needed outdoor time. We were also excited to have some fun playing with Jeff's new "toy".

Kaylee had a great time shooting the "real thing" for the first time. She did great! She's not quite ready to tackle the clay pigeons yet but she had a blast with the 22.

When I told her we were going to shoot clay pigeons--she wasn't quite sure what to think. I'm quite positive she was picturing little dove shaped clay birds.

I wonder how many times I had to put those dang ear plugs back in the kids ears.

Maya, the weenie-dog decided to get all freaked out and all she did the whole time was hide under the truck and shake like a leaf. We were pretty surprised by that because she has never done that before. Jeff has taken her out hunting quite a few times before so why she would all of a sudden get gun-shy is a mystery to us.

Addy and Andrew had fun climbing around on the big hill right next to us. They jumped the water rivulets from all of the melting snow and "attended" (pretended) stories and batman scenerios.
They were pretty excited to get to shoot the 22 as well. It's fun to see them actually be able to hit stuff. (Even if it was only a great big dirt mound)

For about the first 30 shots--Dan couldn't hit the broad side of a barn
but then.......the earth turned--or something because he rarely missed after that.
I guess he just had to get in the rhythm.

Jeff has always been a pretty good shot. Maybe not as good as dad, but definitely hitting more than he misses.

For my part--let's just say I didn't embarrass myself but there's definitely room for improvement.
Dan had brought his muzzel-loader. I know my dad used to have one but I don't actually remember shooting it so it was a novel experience pouring in the powder, ramming in the patch and the ball and all of that black smoke that comes after you shoot the big sucker. It was pretty fun. I was surprised that the kick was not as strong as I thought it would be.
Since today it is snowing again, I'm doubly glad that we were able to make it out Saturday. The weather was decent, the kids behaved pretty well, we got to shoot stuff up and give each other crap all day long! What a great day!!!

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Emily said...

Sounds like we missed a really fun time. Maybe next time we can make it! :D