Friday, March 6, 2009


We have been battling the viruses lately--the computer version. We had a nasty little spyware that would pop-up constantly telling us that we had 38 horrendous viruses and trojans and worms and such on the computer. Then it would tell us to download the antispyware software--for a fee of course--and they would fix all our problems. Looking it up on the internet we realized that it was a rogue scam. It took me almost 2 full days trying this and that to get the freaking thing off my computer. I tried Verizon tech support and (this just goes to show that it is totally WHO you talk to) the first guy I talked to was clueless and sent me to "premium tech support." They wanted to charge me extra even though I'm already paying for the internet security suite. I hung up incredibly frustrated and tried some more things myself. Two days later I called them back and the guy I talked to then was great. He helped me fix some things and then brought in the big guns for the stuff he couldn't fix. They have a way nowadays to "share your screen". Where they actually have control over your computer--not just being able to look at it but actually manipulate it. --Come to think of it, That might be a little scary if I had anything on here that I was worried about someone looking at. At that point I just hung up the phone and he took over installing different programs, cleaning up the viruses and stuff, deleting bad programs etc. etc. You can see on your screen everything he is doing. It was pretty cool. They could even reboot your computer remotely when they needed to. Anyway...Three hours later, my computer is pronounced "clean" and I am a much happier blogger.

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Kristine said...

John always remote connects to our home computer from work. It is quite freaky when the music on my computer will just start playing. He thinks it is hilarious to scare me like that. I am glad you were able to get your computer all cleaned up. I love having a clean, fast, functional computer.