Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting Crafty

I decided to get a little bit crafty one recent afternoon so I made Addison a quick, super-easy little skirt. I had been saving this fabric for ages and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally put it to use. The skirt itself is just a plain, straight skirt with an elastic waistband. There is nothing fancy about it but Addy LOVES it! I think she likes it so much because it is just so dang comfortable. It is made out of stretchy, knit fabric. No sooner does it come out of the wash and she has it on again. For some reason, this little girl loves wearing skirts. I can hardly ever get her to wear shorts during the summertime--but give her a little skirt and she's happy as a lark. This particular skirt is great because I don't have to worry about whether or not she is going to ruin it by playing in it. --It's all about playtime. If she wants to run, jump, climb trees, swing or anything else while wearing it--it's ok with me. She hasn't quite figured out what things actually match and what doesn't yet but At least with this particular skirt the "clashing" is somewhat minimized based on the small aspect of the pattern and general neutrality of grey.We went to the library the other day for the kids summer activity hour. They were tie-dying t-shirts. All three of the kids had fun tie-dying their shirts. It was a really fun activity and all of the shirts actually came out really cute. Andrew's is a navy blue color. He's not in this particular picture because I can't seem to get all three kids to wear their shirts at the same time. Andrew wears his about every other day. It's kind of like Addy with the skirt--It never really hits his drawer--He just pulls it out of the clean laundry pile and puts it on.--the problem is, my son is sort of a neat freak. He can't seem to stand a dirty shirt, so as soon as he gets a speck of dirt on it--off it goes and into the laundry shute. One day we'll get it all together and I'll be able to snap some pictures with them all in their cute little shirts.

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James and Aimee said...

That is awesome, Julie! Addi is so cute! Doesn't it make you feel good when you put some effort into something and your kids end up really loving it? I really like the way the shirts turned out too.