Friday, August 7, 2009

Huckleberry Adventures

We decided to play hookie from the real world on Tuesday and head out into the wild, blue yonder for some good old-fashioned huckleberry picking. My friend Kristine and I along with our combined 6 kids (and the dog) loaded up the snacks, berry pails and swimming gear and drove on up to Bald Mtn. lookout to find some of those sometimes reticent huckleberries and have a bit of fun.

The kids loved climbing the big lookout tower to the top. The view was stunning! You could see for miles in any direction. The tower itself is kind of neat in that you can actually rent it out to camp overnight in it. It had a bed, fridge, sink, and stove with 360 degree windows to take in the breathtaking panoramic scenery.

I love taking off into the great outdoors. Almost any excuse is good enough for me. Huckleberry picking however, turned out to be a great excuse. The kids all got along pretty well, the dog had a nice day out, the company and conversation was of course fun. Not to mention that I love huckelberries and am looking forward to multiple huckleberry smoothies and huckleberry ice cream and huckleberry milkshakes etc. etc. this winter.

When the kids got tired of picking they entertained themselves playing in the woods

After we were all hot and tired of picking berries we piled in the truck, headed down the mountain and over to Laird park for a cool swim in the river. Kaylee, Isaac, and Addison had fun taking turns jumping off the dam into the river. Sometimes I'm surprised by how brave they can be one minute and how, at other times, their fear can get the better of them over something that to my mind is not near as scary. Go figure, I guess it's just like food--I'm often amazed by what they actually like (ie. fried onions or artichoke hearts) and what they decide not to like (ie. Kool Aid or grilled cheese sandwiches). But I digress...

Andrew, Jackson and Corbin had plenty of fun too--playing in the shallows, digging in the sand, throwing rocks in the water and generally just being boys.
No one wanted to leave but we had to get back to pick up Brody. I half expected my kids to zonk out as soon as we hit the highway but they were having too much fun fighting the whole way home. It was that--"I'm so exhausted that I have absolutely no more reasoning capability" sort of fighting. Good thing I still had a few more snacks left.


The Prestwich's said...

Seriously? No sleeping all the way home? Sadly, everyone fell asleep on the drive home. (Even me). Thanks so much. We had a blast!

ashley said...

what a fun and yummy adventure. i love berry picking in the nw.