Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Room with a View and 2 wheelin' it

I am finally settled in our new (yet temporary) house. At least now that I FINALLY have internet once again I feel more settled. I did not find it that difficult to give up the tv for a while while we made the switch but I have to admit that I was going through some serious internet withdrawals.

I have traded in space, privacy and storage for openness, windows and light (not to mention having an entire park for our backyard). I do have to admit that sharing a wall with someone else is a bit exasperating for me. (I'm not sure which is louder--my kids screaming at each other at 6:00 A.M. or me "shushing" them up with threats of physical violence if they don't "shut their bloody mouths")
Oh well-----------
Here is the new view from my Living/dining room windows. Isn't it so cool.

I took this one the other day after some pretty good rain storms. Can you see the full rainbow arching across?

The kids are loving the park. They have ridden their bikes more in the last 4 days than they ever were able to before at the other house. Bones spent a day riding the loop with his training wheels on. They were so lopsided and catywampus and yet he still rode like a demon so I decided that it was time to test his luck without them. I took them off and was gearing up for the battle and drama of teaching a child to ride a bike. I went outside and was just going to give him a little trial test in the cul-de-sac before taking him down to the grassy hill in the park and before I could even get two hands on him to help steady him he had taken off and was racing around the cul-de-sac like he had been born on wheels. It was such a different experience from the girls I hardly knew what to think. He was cruising up and down curbs, racing right alongside Belle and couldn't keep from smiling and singing the Queen song, "We are the Champions".
He rode the loop at the park the next day and, not being quite as balanced as he thought and the trail being a little more narrow than he was used to, ended up running into the bushes a few times. That put a bit of a damper on his excitement for a while. I rode with him on the tagalong yesterday. We must have rode around that loop 50 times. At least my legs feel like we went 50 times. After that I told him that he had to do it by himself 3 times before I'd take him on the tagalong again. He tried it later that afternoon and when he was done he came into the house and said, "mom! You taught me how to ride around the loop! I didn't even run into any of the bushes!" So now I can officially say, that my little boy is a two-wheelin' demon. So ya'll better watch out!


Becky said...

Gorgeous! Love the view.

Alisha said...

Beautiful!!! Where do you live now? I'm jealous that you live in such a pretty area!!