Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sixteen years--and Thankful for it

Today is our Anniversary. Sixteen Fun-filled, adventure-prone, laughter-inducing years. I'm thrilled to be able to say that I married my very best friend and that he is STILL my very best friend after all of these years. I'm not a "worrier" by nature, but still to this day, my greatest fear is that something would happen to him and that I would be left here on earth by myself for the rest of mortality. That is something that I'm sure I could get through but certainly any joy found afterwards would be incomplete until that day that we were reunited. The beautiful thing about God's plan for us is that we can and will be reunited someday. What an amazing, yet simple plan. I'm so grateful for that plan. I'm grateful that I have been blessed with the knowledge that God lives and that he is REAL. He has blessed my marriage and blessed me with 3 fascinating and wonderful children. He has blessed me with a comfortable home and all of my needs are met--and frankly most of my wants as well. Indeed, my heart is full and I have thought a lot lately about Gratitude and Thankfulness--this being Thanksgiving time and all. My thoughts keep returning to the idea of the word "Thanksgiving". I can't help but think that if one is truly Thankful or full of gratitude then they will display that thankfulness by sharing or giving to others. --hence, Thanks-Giving. My own goal is to show my own Thanks through much more giving to others. I keep telling my children it's not enough to say "Thank you." We have to show our thanks. Now it's time to put my money where my mouth is.


Emily said...

Happy Day for the Two of You! Congrats!

Loughmiller's said...

Congrats! 16 years is something to be proud of.