Friday, November 14, 2008

Tidbits of Fun

These kids are cracking me up! All of the silly, funny things that they think up to entertain themselves keep a permanent smile pasted to my lips. I store them up so that at times when they, let's just say, aren't quite as cute, I can remember them and I decide it's not worth it to do bodily damage. Here is a small sampling of recent things that I want to remember.
Andrew put together this helicopter with his builder set and flew it all over the house. Why is it that boys learn how to do sound effects so much earlier and with so much more efficacy than girls?
I was making dinner one night and Addy started squishing cheese through my garlic press like it was play-dough. She was so excited to be able to make all of that blonde, stringy "hair".
I have no idea what the thought process was behind this brilliant idea. I only know that a whole roll of adhesive tape was used to perfect this masterpiece and that much to my homemaking shame--it stayed on the door knob for at least a week before I finally took the time to remove it.

My kids LOVE doing this! They go and get their "footy pajamas" on and hit the stairs time after time. I'm not sure who has more fun though, the kids--or the dog.

Andrew and Addy worked together to put this fascinating musical instrument together. Designed to be able to play it from either direction. Andrew is modeling the choke-hold method--much akin to the Suzuki method you have no doubt heard about. I have talented children, that much is for sure.

All three children gathered up buckets of water and lotions and heaven only knows what else into the living room last night. They then presented me with an invitation to visit their "spa." They were trying to pick out a dress for me to wear after I went to the spa. I asked them what this was all for and Kaylee replied, "We want to make you pretty so that daddy will want to take you on a date." Kaylee continued, "What dress would make daddy bounce around and want to kiss you all night?" -------------OH MY GOODNESS! Where do they come up with this stuff???


janeen said...

I love that your kids "want daddy to bounce you around and kiss you all night". They are too Cute!

The Prestwich's said...

This post is disturbing. Just kidding, i can totally identify with all of it-but no spa treatment for me. I am lucky if I am not used as a trampoline. Your kids crack me up.

Emily said...

My only question is...was Jeff impressed enough to ask you on a date to jump on a trampoline or possibly sumo wrestle? That must've been what your children meant when they discussed bouncing around. Right?!

Paul and Holly Domm said...

Boy would I love to meet those kids! They really are a hoot (I loved the video with the homemade string instrument ).

deannegalloway said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting! It's so great to see pictures of your family. We always talk about coming back to visit. Hopefully we will in the near future.

Pam said...

Isn't it hilarious the things that kids come up with. Why do we even buy them toys? I think I just need to restock Lucas's tape, glue, marker and staple supply for Christmas and he's set.