Saturday, October 30, 2010

halloween costumes

Check out this video and then scroll down to see Addy's costume.

She was pretty hesitant to do it but I assured her that it would be great. Everyone would love it. My 'money paper' is a bit crooked but...oh well. I think it turned out awesome anyway.

Kaylee had a blast with her surfer girl costume and even though it was pretty chilly and wet she stayed pretty warm in her wet-suit. She's still wearing my bone necklace that I let her borrow.

Andrew has been dying to wear his "Soldier" costume for a year now. That was the best 3 dollar dress-up ever. Usually he adds a cape to the ensemble as well.

Ky-Ky got to be the big-fat-bumblebee this year. Each one of the kids has taken a turn wearing it and someday I'll have to add a post with pictures of each one of the kids as that adorable bee.

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Alisha said...

Julie your kids are darling!! What fun costumes!!!