Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our new HOME

We have been in our new house for almost 2 months now. I thought that by now the novelty would have worn off. I just can't keep from smiling though. I love this house. This is exactly what we have been waiting and searching for.

Every morning I wake up to this:
and it just fills me with happy thoughts. I don't need drapes on the windows because it is #1 remote enough to be fairly private and #2 situated so well amidst the trees and up the hill that you really can't see much of the house from the road anyway.

The house itself is not exactly fancy and definitely still needs some updating but--I just love the small nuances that make it unique--like the elk door and the rustic, log banister.

I think that what really sold me on the house were the VIEWS! From every single window I see beautiful countryside. At night we see the most amazing stars and even the lights from the "city". It's quite fun to look out and see the Kibbie dome glowing in the darkness.

This is my view from the big picture window in the living room. One of my priorities for houses has always been lot's of BIG windows and I'm pretty sure that this one qualifies.
This is one of the decks out the back--just off the dining room. Isn't it cozy. We love it out here. Before we got a dining room table we ate out here almost every night and it is peaceful and serene and oh-so-soothing. I can't wait to have some fun get-togethers out here next summer.
Altogether we have 18 acres. The views from the top of our property are actually quite stunning. Literally 360 degrees of breathtakingly pretty palouse countryside. I'll have to videotape it one of these days although it still probably wouldn't do it justice. You'll just have to come see it for yourselves. This is the view from my kitchen window. Not too bad either. Dishes seem to be a little easier to do in this house.
As I said earlier, it is not a fancy house. The bedrooms are a little on the small side and I am having a hard time with the lack of shelves for books and games and videos etc. but the open floorplan and big, open family room downstairs and the incredible storage space is perfect for us. I love that most of the living space is all on 1 floor--no more traipsing up and down 3 flights of stairs. We also have a huge shop separate from the garage so we can store all of the "toys"and I can keep my car in the garage. No more scraping my windows everyday. Yahoo!
Mostly, I'm just so incredibly grateful that I get to live here. I get the privacy and serenity of the country with a 5 minute commute to town. The kids get to romp and run and play and I don't worry a lick--except for maybe a few worries about them touching the horses electric fence or falling out of trees etc. --but those are way better worries than the ones having to do with crazy, weird sex offenders and high-speed college student drivers etc. I'm just going to consider myself EXTREMELY blessed and open a standing invitation for you to come and visit us and further bless our home with the joy and laughter that always comes with FRIENDSHIP.


Aubry Wilkes said...

WOW! Jules that is all I can say! What a beautiful home.... 18 acres of gorgeousness... we just take you up on the offer to visit! I began homeschooling all four boys this year as well. I keep hearing how friend after friend are making the same decision. Seems like even across the country, parents are taking matters into their own hands. I am loving being together as a family all day... how is it going for you?

Becky said...

Wow, you scored, Julie!

des said...

It looks beautiful! I wish I could be there to see all this at the end, the selling of the house and renting was crazy! so i'm so happy you have the perfect place to live. It does look so serene and wonderful. I love the Palouse- pictures definitely don't do it justice!

Shelley and Greg said...

What a beautiful home! I can't believe you have 18 acres!! What do you do with all of that? It's very pretty! :)

Kelly said...

How exciting! Nothing like living your dreams. It looks beautiful! Wish I could see it.

Loughmiller's said...

This looks FABULOUS!!! I wished I lived in IDaho again. Hopefully someday I will see green again and not the desert. I am really excited for you. I grew up on 80 acres, and I had the best time. There is nothing better than having land for kids to run around and explore.