Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Harey Carey"???

My baby finally got his very FIRST haircut! We had to wait for grandpa to come to deliver the "first blow".
You'da thought we were commiting "hairy" carey on him the way he reacted. Just check out the progression of pictures. You can see the full range of emotions as he attempts to handle this new and crazy experience.

"Ahhh! I knew my mom would SAVE me!" "Check out how handsome I look"


Emily said...

He is getting SO big! I haven't seen you in forever...we have to get our families together. I am sure we might run into eachother tomorrow night (or at least I hope to see you there!).

The Prestwich's said...

I love it. What a cutie pie. I recall that bee costume on a few occasions myself...AH, the memories.

Alisha said...

He is so big!! I can't believe how fast time flies!!! The first haircut is always an adventure!! And if he's anything like Jaxson, who hates getting his hair cut, it will continue to be a challenge.