Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday--My Babe Magnet

Flashback about 15 years ago. What a babe--even back then!!!
This was at a volleyball tournament in Little Rock, AR


Kristine said...

wow what a stud. i remember when you guys moved in everyone thought you looked so young and that Jeff looked so much older that he could be your dad. Now I look at this picture and he looks so young. I guess at 14 or so 24 looks really old.

Paul and Holly Domm said...

What a babe! Jules I had so much catching up with you (via your last 4 postings) and it really makes me want to talk to you on the phone (and really catch up). I have free calling to the U.S. so email me and tell me when a good time to call you would be(if you are up to the phone call).

Paul and Holly Domm said...

ps-the operative word I left out in the first comment was "fun"-I had so much FUN catching up with you.