Thursday, October 16, 2008

My "TAG" story

I tend to be a little wimpy when it comes to self-analyzing! I read and thoroughly enjoy the tagging of others but when it comes to myself--I cringe--openly--wondering if there is anything really worthy of writing about. We have, however been commanded to ponder and every once in a while it is good to re-evaluate where you have been and how far you have come so...

Let 'er Rip

Ten years ago I was working full time in the neonatal intensive care unit at University Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. We had recently purchased our first house for the sum of $105,000. (I think it sold just recently for over $200,000.) I played league volleyball with my husband and some of my best friends ever (and we even won). I played racketball once a week with my ultimate racketball partner (and friend). I hunted Doves with my dad out by Red Rock --the middle of nowhere (now I understand there is a sizeable developement in that area--right Chrissie?). I hiked all over the mountains around Tucson and occasionally shot down to Nogales for some mexican Clomid.

Five things on my "To-Do" list:

*I am supposed to remodel/redecorate Jeff's office. Tops on the list is picking out paint colors and new chairs/furnture for the lobby area. Hmmm? What goes well with the color of money? :)

*I also need to make a walmart run--for the office. Susan informs me that they have been out of toilet paper and paper towels for over a week!! (They are down to boxes of tissue and blow drying (their hands).

*I am also trying to finish reading a book by the Freedom First Society titled, "Organize for Victory" which has been an incredible look at the problems facing our nation and really explains who, what, why, when, and how things are being manipulated in our nation right now. --as well as what you can do about it.

* Anyone know the definition of "irony"? I was asked by my relief society pres. to do the presidency message on the first Sunday of November--on REVERANCE! I better get crackin'. Maybe I can find something to help tame my wild Andrew into submission during sacrament meeting.

* Buy travel guide book for our trip to China next spring--Does Rick Steves go to China???

A few things that I truly love include the writings and works of Thomas Jefferson and the Constitution, eating swiss cheese fondue in front of a roaring fire while watching "Return to Me" or "The Italian Job" on DVD, Swimming in an underground cenote in Mexico, Playing a competitive, high energy racketball match, and skiing down a powder-fresh Alta Mountain. I also adore "World Class Chocolate" ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I can't resist the smell of marshmallows and I love hiking up crystal clear streams in Hawaii--finding our own private waterfalls and pools. (this list could really go on forever. There are so many things to love in this life.)

If I were a millinaire I would invest it all with a certain Edward Jones Financial Planner that I know. He'd help it grow into a gadgillion (I'm quite sure that is a perfectly good monetary term in some language) and then Jeff and I would put in our mission papers. We'd hopefully be called to Italy where we would be able to help build the newly called for Rome Temple. After that I'd work with the aforementioned Freedom First Society to re-educate the American people on the Constitutional Principles that our amazing nation was founded upon. Hopefully, then, instead of just voting for the most "popular" person, they will vote for someone who will uphold the freedoms and values that we have built this country on. With that mission accomplished I would turn my sights to Philanthropy--the teach a person to fish kind--where they are taught how to take care of themselves. I would then follow my old dream of being able to visit and do a session in each operating temple on the earth--although, in all honesty with there being over 120 (apx) temples now--that would be some SERIOUS traveling. How cool would it be though! OK, for my last "dream" I would add a years supply of Ben and Jerry's "Phish Food" ice cream to my food storage stock.

Five places that I have lived or hope to live:

Durango, Colorado (awesome)

Eugene, Oregon (not so awesome)

Tucson, Arizona

Rochester, New York

Little Rock, Arkansas

(hey, I need more than 5)

Chicago, Illinois

Rexburg, Idaho

Moscow, Idaho

(hope to live)

In Italy, Austria, Scotland... ---better just make it Europe! and Hawaii

Five jobs that I have had--

My first "real" job was working at Taco Bell--yep, I can roll one mean burrito.

After that I worked for some crazy greeks in a greek restaurant called "The Olympic Flame"--great food but don't ever make a greek mad--they certainly know how to scream and fight.

As much as I try to block it out, I worked part of a summer for a bunch of Con Artists called Southern Acceptance Corporation. Seriously--they ended up leaving town in the middle of the night to get away from the cops. I still have qualms about telling people that had called in begging for a loan and asking me if this was totally legit--"absolutely, ask the BBB". It's just a darn good thing I wasn't very good at that job. I ended up quitting and only heard that they really were a bunch of crooks months later. I always had a feeling something wasn't quite right with them.

I should make sure to include working as a waitress at El Chico Mexican restaurant. Jeff and I worked there together. I wasn't old enough to carry my own drinks out to the tables so whenever someone would order alcohol he (Jeff) would have to pick it up from the bar and carry it to the table for me. A sacrifice he was willing to make since I was making a lot more money waiting tables than being a hostess or something.

My first job at a hospital was at the VA Hospital in Little Rock, AR. It was a great job. I got to see and do some pretty amazing things. It's an overwhelming experience to work on people's bodies in life or death situations. The adrenaline is pumping and your mind is assessing all of the possibilities. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. No matter what --you learn something with every trauma that comes in.

My last job at a hospital was in the NICU at UMC. --Love, love, love those little babies. I not only got to do my respiratory therapy for them but I was trained as a level III nurse as well. We went to the high risk deliveries and was the first to be called when they started to go "bad". I learned so much and never ever got tired of cuddling and working on those little beans. In my experience you either love working with babies or you hate it--just can't handle it and for me, I definitely loved it.

HOWEVER, I just have to follow that up with my favorite job of all time---Being a wife and mother to my family. I have never regretted my "early retirement" from full-time work. I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT--A few little tidbits from my life story.

Thanks, Aubry for this "opportunity". Now it's your turn (anyone who actually reads this)!


christopher said...

You are fabulous. I loved reading this, and I'll bet more people read this than you think.

Emily said...

I read it and enjoyed it. I especially like the picture of Jeff from way be when.

The Prestwich's said...

Nice Julie! Here I thought I knew you,come to find you were aiding criminals. That hurts. I loved reading this, and by the way, I think you are perfectly reverent. I am so glad you decided to retire too, if you hadn't, I would have never gotten to know you so well.

trevor said...

What a great summary of what you've been up to. Fun read !