Saturday, October 25, 2008

ZZ Top!!!

One of the reasons why Jeff and I thought that Moscow would be an ideal area to live was because it was small town--and yet, because of the two universities close by we had ample "cultural" opportunities.


Wednesday night Jeff came home from work saying that he had just heard on the radio that ZZ Top was coming to Beasley Collesium in concert--the next night. "What do you think?, he asks. "Do you want to go?" "Of course I'm in. Are you kidding me. It's ZZ Top", I respond. So we called around, found a babysitter and away we went.

This is a little sampling

We got such a kick out of some of the people there. The chick in the video smacking her chest was probably one of the funniest. She reminded us of when Jeff Foxworthy said, "Yep, you know it's goin' to be a good party when Peggy comes out of her shirt way too early in the evening." (scratch the video, I realize now that all of the video I took is actually too big and it won't let me upload it. Anyone know how to break it up???) I missed getting pictures of some college kids wearing beards down to their waists. They were pretty good. Then of course there is the resident "fondlers." You know, the couple who can't seem to keep there hands off each other the whole time.

All in all, we had a BLAST! The opening act was Blackberry Smoke from Atlanta, Georgia. Kind of a fun, blues-rock band with a decent sound.

ZZ Top was great! They were so much fun and I have to say--they were outright smokin' on the guitars. They were smooth as silk and you just knew they'd been doing this forever.

It was also kind of nice that Beasley is a non-smoking venue--so, we didn't have to get high from everyone else's smoke. We were pretty sure that came in handy after the concert when we were pulled over by the cops--for "rolling through a stop sign". Oops! (Jeff, still says he made the stop.) His streak is still alive though, because he was just given a warning--this time. If I wasn't so glad that we don't have to waste our money on a stupid ticket I'd probably be jealous of his uncanny ability to get out of traffic tickets.

For now, I'm just going to remember one great night!


Emily said...

Sean and I saw ZZ Top in Rapid City the same weekend of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We thought it wasn't that long ago, but we realized it was in 1997! Kansas opened for them and it was an awesome concert. I think the half naked women and rough and tumble men made it even more so - but I guess there are interesting persons at all concerts. Glad you guys had fun...wish we could've made it. :)

Paul and Holly Domm said...

Sounds like a blast! I'm so glad that a ticket wasn't about to ruin your night(don't you just hate those people with their perfect records!). FYI-I love the new doo, and agree that a new haircut can do wonders for making you feel refreshed and rejuvinated. Speaking of all this rejuvination makes me think I'm definately due for a cut!