Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barn Dance and Parade

Addison participated in their annual school Barn dance last Friday. Jeff and I love attending this every year. The kids perform all of the country dances that they have been learning in PE and enrichment. They are SO CUTE! and the kids have such a good time. Kaylee was totally bummed that she had to miss it this year because she was practising with the band up at the Kibbie dome for the University of Idaho pregame performance the next day. (more on that later) Addy loves to sing and dance and she has been doing these dances or singing the songs all over the house almost 24-7. Believe me when I say that it might take a miracle for me to get "jump-jim-joe" out of my head. We even did that as a family for our FHE last monday and all of the kids LOVED it! Here is one of the little dances that she did for us. She has such a girly-girl personality, she just eats things like this up. It is fun to see her "princess" mannerisms come out.

Kaylee had a fun Saturday. She started all-city band this fall. She plays the flute and seems to be loving it so far. They were able to march in the U of I homecoming parade on Saturday. The weather was beautiful and she had a great time. I thought it was such a fun opportunity for a third grader to have. The only thing to put a damper on it was that right before she marched I noticed that she had a sizable ding in her flute already. (I'm sure thanks to Andrew). Anyone need some home or yard work done--I think she's looking for work. Anyway, we had fun watching her march by and give us a little finger wave. If you look closely you can see Noa L. and a super quick glimpse of Isaac W. too. After the parade she had to go back to the Kibbie dome for more practise. They played in the pregame show with the U of I band and many of the high school and jr high bands in the area. I asked her if she was nervous before and she said yes, but you couldn't tell. To me she looked as natural as can be. She did awesome. She is such a fun, brave little soul. She just really enjoys the moment.


Aubry said...

I love these videos. It is so fun to see others children doing such fun-growing-up things. How awesome for Kaylee... you go girl!

Teresa said...

It looks like you had a fun weekend and the girls did an awesome job! What a great opportunity for both of them.