Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Goodie Bags

I meant to post these before Halloween this year but alas... procrastination--it's not a good thing.

Oh well--Here they are anyway.

I have been meaning to make these for several years and I finally got my rear in gear and did it. I love how they turned out. I think they are very cute and hope that they will turn out to be fun keepsakes that I can add to each year. It was so nice to actually have real bags this year instead of grocery sacks. I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. I left lots of spots to fill in a new picture each new year. There are some on the front and the back. I will also start one for KC this year. I just printed the pictures out on photo transfer paper and then ironed them on to the bags. The only question is whether or not they will weather the wear and tear of the yearly use. I hope so.


Emily said...

What a neat idea Julie. You get the craft award of the season for this one! :D

kleinmanfamily said...

Very cute!! I thought of doing that, but then decided I probably couldn't keep track of them from year to year!

Matt and Melinda Bailey said...
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Matt and Melinda Bailey said...

I loved that idea, I really would like to make those for my kids! How do you have so much time to be so crafty with a new baby?

Aimee said...

Yeah, how do you have time with a new baby?

Your bags look great! What a neat idea!! I bet the kids love them too.