Friday, January 9, 2009

Flashback Friday--In honor of my own Birthday

Since my birthday is coming up soon, I figured that I would dedicate flashback friday to--myself!

Can you believe that I was just turning 15 in this picture?

These were two of my very best friends growing up: Amy Pistorius and Docena Roundy.

I Loved Them! (and still do)

We had SO many fun times together. A big part of who I am comes, in large part, from them.

So, I guess, in fact, I dedicate flashback friday to THEM--and to ALL KINDRED SPIRITS wherever you might find them!


Paul and Holly Domm said...

Happy Birthday! I love that picture(you and your friends were looking very 80's fabulous). I also can't believe the snow you got, over here I'm happy we got a dusting (I've been told they usually don't get snow here). Here's hoping your birthday is awsome!

Aubry said...

Oh I love all three of these ladies... and that includes you Jules...what a fabulous picture! Happy Birthday!

Matt and Melinda Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Julie! I love the picture of you and your girlfriends. It's definately a flashback in style, ha ha. We hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

Emily said...

I LOVE the hat and the hairstyles of your friends! Awesome. Happy Birthday Julie (and Kaylee).

Amy Pratt said...

I can't believe you posted that picture!!! Oh my gosh!!! Happy belated birthday...I can't believe we're closer now to 40 than we are to 30! Time flies too fast!!! more awful pictures!

Love you too girl!!

Teresa said...

Don't you just love the 80's and those lots of hair spray hair styles?