Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

Here are some recent funnies that the kiddos have come up with.

Addy: "Kaylee, do we have to obey Barack Obama now that he is our President?"

Kaylee: "Yeah, he could put you in jail if you don't."

Addy: "Well, then mom would shoot him."

The other night I had just said goodnight to Andrew and tucked him in bed. A siren was going off somewhere in town. Kaylee gave him a kiss goodnight as well and asked him, "Andrew, do you hear that fire engine?" Andrew replied, "No, I hear the Holy Ghost."

Andrew loves pretending to be a puppy right now. So the other night as we were getting ready to say a prayer before bed the following conversation took place.

Mom: "Andrew, do you want to say the prayer?"

Drew: "No, I'm Buster"

Mom: "Buster, do you want to say the prayer?"

Drew: "Woof--Woof" (then in a little voice) "That means 'no tanks'."

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James and Aimee said...

Andrew is such a cutie. I really get a kick out of him!