Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Beginnings

Every morning I wake up grateful for a "New Beginning". I love that each morning is fresh without any mistakes in it yet. I haven't yelled at my children yet. I haven't been impatient with my husband yet. I havent' kicked the dog yet. What a glorious feeling. I lay in bed and relish those thoughts. No matter what happened the day before I always know that today is good and so far--perfect. I can't wait to be the perfect mom--to read oodles of books to them, to teach Drew to read, to help them with piano, to get them out the door and to school on time and without any fights. I can't wait to cook dinner and have those quirky dinner conversations--you know the ones about "why DID the chicken cross the road" and "what IS at the end of the rainbow". I can't wait to shoot Jeff in the bum with a nerf dart and instigate a full-fledged family war.

................What a Beautiful Morning! Such promise! It's going to be a GREAT day!

Then all of a sudden...all hell breaks lose!

...Drew is in the pantry stealing food AGAIN!
...K is yelling at A for wearing her headband
...A can't find her shoes and is crying about it
...The dog stole the toast off the table
...J has to have his clothes ironed
...lunches have to be made
...I can't find my keys to take kids to school

and maybe, just maybe I think to myself, "Oh, X#!* here we go again."

There's always tomorrow morning!


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Reminds me of Anne of Green Gables when Anne says, "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it."

Thanks for participating in Wordfull Wednesday!

kjha said...

This sounds so familiar...the important thing is to at least try, eh!

James and Aimee said...

I keep hoping for the perfect day or even the perfect morning. No luck yet. Oh well, we have had some pretty great ones though.

Annie Lyon said...

LOL.... that is so funny and sad all wrapped into one! Nice set up with great intentions then waaamm! Reality bites hard sometimes ;-)

Teresa said...

I was beginning to think only our home was that crazy! Good to know we are not alone.

The Prestwich's said...

This post made me actually shed a tear. Don't intentions count for anything? Well, it should. Who wants perfect anyway?